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Optimized Portfolios

Variance Optimized Indexing

VOI is a proprietary methodology developed by Arch Indices to optimize the weightings of assets in a portfolio. VOI weights assets to maximize the portfolio goal while minimizing volatility by taking into account three factors:

  1. goal to maximize
  2. asset volatility
  3. asset correlation to the rest of the portfolio

Arch Indices is using VOI to construct model portfolios and custom index solutions. Learn more about VOI and how we use it in asset allocation and selection in our Insights and Research page.

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VOI Income Portfolios

Arch Indices VOI Income Portfolios seek to maximize income for investors over all market conditions while minimizing volatility and drawdown. The VOI methodology takes into account the asset yield, asset volatility, and correlation to the rest of the portfolio in determining the weights of each asset. We are pleased to present a range of income portfolios for investors ranging from fixed income, equity, and multi-asset.

Our portfolios have a number of replication options including liquid and low cost bond ETFs to reduce transaction costs for investors while harnessing the power of multi-asset portfolios. All portfolios are customizable for a range of parameters including asset selection, targeted volatility, min/max weighting, and statistical methods.

DFMAP seeks to maximize income while minimizing volatility through a multi-asset allocation of dividend-focused stocks and long-dated government bonds.

DFMAP Historical performanceDFMAP Historical volatilityDFMAP Historical weightings

TAC seeks to maximize income from the US Treasury market while minimizing volatility through allocation to different parts of the curve.

TAC Historical performanceTAC Historical volatilityTAC Historical weightings


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